AirWick LifeScents | BzzAgent Review #1

Friday, 6 February 2015 / Leave a Comment

I received my Bzz kit over a week ago in time for my 2nd campaign.
It smelt nice as soon as I opened the box!
Air Wicks Life Scents.
The first constantly changing air fragrance!

As soon as I plugged it in after a few minutes I was over powered by the smell :(
It was very strong.
I worked out how to turn it down with the little dial and it was much better.
Now I'm used to the smell it does not seem so over powering however it is strong.
I can definitly smell it every time I enter the room.
Even when it's turned off the smell lingers around constantly so there is always a pleasant smell around.
We have all had the dreaded sick bug last few days so this has been a god send for getting rid of the smells!
Over all I would gladly buy a refill when this one runs out.
I have been recommending to friends and family.

Have you tried them yet?
How do you scent your home?

Happy Blogging


I was sent this product for the purpose of this review.
My opinions are my own.

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