#MatalanModernFamilies | My Family 2015

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I was browsing the Internet recently and came across Matalan's Modern Families campaign.

Its all about what is a modern family today?.

Gone are the days of 2.4 children. Many families consist of 1 or more parents, birth or adoptive, or even same gender parents.
I don't believe, when it comes to family, that their is a 'normal'. Who can define 'normal' when it comes to anything.
Matalan have showed this in their latest advertising campaign.

Growing up I was lucky my family was the pretty standard Mum and Dad together,Both sets of Grandparents together and 2 brothers followed by the usual Aunts and Uncles.

I was actually jealous of my friends who had split family's!
They got 2 houses to live at, 2 sets of parents, 2 lots of everything! (In my eyes as a child)
Their was only one friend who I felt sad for as she just had a mum, no dad.

Mummy & Me April 2015 | #2

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My 'Mummy & Me' for this month features a photo bomb from 'daddy'!

My Family
I was about to go to work and grabbed Little T for a bedtime cuddle. Along came K then Big T so I seized the opportunity and shouted 'let's take a selfie!'

The children love a selfie ha ha, next thing in jumped daddy :)
A nice (rare) photo of us all, though Little T don't look happy about it (having to share his cuddle time)

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

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Term Time Holidays | Would You Risk A Fine?

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It has been all over the news lately that huge numbers of family's are ignoring the new rules of 'no term time holidays' and going regardless, risking a fixed penalty fine of £60 per child AND per parent. 

Our first term time holiday ( And first ever holiday as a family of 4) was in June 2012.
Big T was in the reception class of primary school.
I did not even think whether I was 'allowed' to take him out of school or not.It was a holiday with extended family all paid for so we just went along with it.

I contacted the head teacher at the time who said she was not allowed to authorise it however I could take him.
I have since learned that as a child does not legally have to start school till the term after their 5th birthday, I was not breaking any rules at the time hence probally why the headteacher was nice about it .

I offered to take school work with us, I did not want him to fall behind, but was told by his teacher there was no point as they would not be learning a lot that particular week as it was sports day and they would be practicing, and they had a school trip planned.

I was upset that he would be missing his first primary school sports day (He had done 2 at pre-school) and first school trip as was he but he was equally happy to be going on holiday and having a week off school!

We had a lovely time together with family that we would not of been able to afford on our own.

Fast forward to 2015.
We booked our holiday with friends last year, well aware of the fact that the law now states that a parent has NO RIGHT to take a child out of school for a term time holiday as of September 2013.
Very scary sounding!!!
I still was not that worried though thinking 'Whats the worst that can happen?'

I am well aware there are 190 days in a school year which leaves 175 days for holidays. - This is sent in a letter every week to us from the headteacher:)

Being able to afford a holiday in the school holidays is one issue, as is trying to get the time off work.
Many parents are all trying to book the same weeks off and some company's have block out periods where holidays are not allowed.
I have 1 week off in August (Out of the 6!!) and one in October. I was lucky to get these with the other parents I work with.

We made the decision to go on holiday in May, with friends, to make it cheaper.
Booking a mid week break early May has cost around £499, to go few weeks later in the school holidays was £899.

I informed the school and was told I need to fill in an absence notification form as there are no such thing as term time holidays only unauthorised absences ie. Truancy
This will be forwarded to the Penalty Service where we will find out if we will be fined or not.
We could be facing a fine of £240, as it is £60 per child (I have 2 school age children) and per parent.

That's right, both parents get fined! Crazy!
Amanda Moss - Holiday Campaigner

Maybe I should buy one of those^^ T-Shirts designed by Amanda Moss (Who faced a fine for 6 children *gulp*) #FINEPARENTS

I am hoping we may be lucky as on the Cambridgeshire County Council website it states fines will be issued if the child misses 6 sessions in a 4 week period.
Luckily the kids had norovirus over 4 weeks ago (Not lucky they got ill but lucky it was a while ago*lol*, and they are having 5 days off for the holiday so fingers crossed......

I will post an update after our holiday!

What do you think?

Would you book a term-time holiday?

Let me know in the comments


UPDATE 4th July 2015

We thankfully did not receive a penalty fine but got a warning from the education welfare officer for a drop in my children's attendance. I was told they are being monitored now and if there is no improvement then a fine will be issued. *phew* 
Also 'a session' is an AM or Pm at school so be mindful that taking a weeks holiday is actually missing 10 sessions of school!

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My kids are driving me totally crazy | School Holidays - Easter 2015

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Yes...Im going to say it...My kids are driving me crazy!!
 I'm currently tearing out my hair now in the 2nd week of the Easter holidays. 
We haven't been out anywhere as their dad has been working in the day and I work in the evenings. 
Why not go to the park I hear you say?
Well because they didn't even want to get dressed most days. 
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