Happy Halloween 2015 | What we did today

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Happy Halloween everybody!
What have you all been up to?

Mummy & Me October 2015 | #6

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October Siblings Photo - Family Meal at Worzals, Wisbech

My Mummy & Me post for this month is a montage of pictures from our latest family out.

Cow & Gate Growing up milk 1-2 | BzzAgent Review #3

Monday, 26 October 2015 / Leave a Comment
My 21 month old is a total milk addict.
The opposite to when he was a newborn when he would only take a couple of ounces every hour or so.
My eldest two were off bottles by aged 1 then decided they didn't want milk anymore. Little T however loves his bottle and has a bottle in the morning and one at bed still so I am reluctant to take it away just yet.
I did think about cows milk or follow on toddler milk when Little T turned 1 and decided on the former.

RAF Museum in London | Places to visit this half term

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Half term is upon us!!
Yes, the kids have done their first 6 weeks back at school (Or first 6 weeks if you have a school newbie *awww*)
Halloween is just around the corner...but what if you fancy something a bit different to ghouls and witches?

Siblings | October 2015

Sunday, 18 October 2015 / Leave a Comment
This month has been a hard month so far.
I received some bad news in the family recently.
This seems to have had an effect on Big T the most as he has picked up on my feelings, which I fear have made him act out the past couple weeks.
This coupled with his recent headaches and burning eyes he has been suffering with have made for some tough times!
Big T, Little T and me :)

How To Keep warm this winter | Draught proof your home tutorial

Friday, 9 October 2015 / Leave a Comment

Winter is all most upon us so now is the time to think about how to stay warm at home.
We all click on the central heating but have you taken the time to think about where the heat escapes in your home?
And more importantly where the cold air gets in?

Car Smoking Ban in England and Wales

Tuesday, 6 October 2015 / Leave a Comment

I have horrible memories of being trapped in a car filled with smoke. My throat burning and eyes streaming begging for the window to be opened.
I was on a road trip with my Nan and Granddad.
My granddad was a heavy smoker and my Nan did not like driving with the windows open.
So I had to suffer.

Siblings | September 2015

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My post for this month (September) is a little late seeing how we are in October now!
It is officially Autumn.
Where has the year gone?
The eldest two are back at school now so its just me and Little T in the day times again.
Peace has been somewhat restored to this crazy house.

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