Mini Weekend Box Review

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Enhancing You and Them time; not replacing it
is the phillosophy behind Andy Stephenson's revolutionary and successful Weekend Box.
The Weekend Box, priced at £7.50 for a fortnight/month, contains 4 activities for children aged 3 to 6 years old to engage in over the weekend with the themes of something to eat (a healthy recipe with a secret ingredient), something to make (all materials supplied), something green (seeds to plant or something to make out of recycled rubbish) and something to read or write (such as a story game).
The boxes are created by Child-Play experts and are designed to stimulate, nurture and encourage development of key life skills.
All this, neatly packaged and sent FREEPOST to your house and addressed to your little person.

Book Review | The Shadow Keeper by Abi Elphinstone

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The Shadow Keeper

Moll Pecksniff and her friends are living as outlaws in a secret cave by the sea, desperate to stay hidden from the Shadowmasks. But further along the coast lies the Amulet of Truth, the only thing powerful enough to force the Shadowmasks back and contain their dark magic.
So together with Gryff, the wildcat that's always by her side, and her best friends Alfie and Sid, Moll must sneak past smugglers, outwit mer creatures and crack secret codes to save the Old Magic.
With more at stake then ever before, can Moll and her friends stop the Shadowmasks before it's too late?

The Day I found Head Lice In My Kids Hair

Monday, 1 February 2016 / Leave a Comment

Head lice

As a new parent you know to expect months of no sleep, endless feeding and exploding nappies. You try to embrace the terrible two's with a positive outlook (which soon turns to despair) but you are not forewarned that one day your little angel will come home from school/daycare with little critters hiding in their hair.
Hello Head lice 

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