Slapped Cheek vs Scarlet Fever

Thursday, 28 April 2016 / Leave a Comment

Slapped Cheek VS Scarlet Fever

'Muuuuum I'm hot'
is something I'm always hearing my 6 year old daughter complain about. I don't know where she gets her warm bloodiness from, maybe the South African genes from her nan? who knows!
Anyhow's, this particular day before the Easter Holidays, I sent her off to school as normal as she was looking alright and bouncing off the walls hyper as anything so I really did not suspect anything other then maybe a cold sneaking up on her.

Siblings | April 2016

Sunday, 24 April 2016 / Leave a Comment
I decided to remove the photo as I have realised, due to unusual likes on Instagram where I have also removed the image, that a picture of kids in the bath although innocent is not what I want the 'wrong sort' of people to have in their possession! Also for their 'digital footprint' it is quite embarrassing. 

I'm a bit late joining in this month!
You may of noticed I've not posted in a while, life has been pretty hectic to say the least. 

This months Siblings post theme is bath time. 
I can finally say the arguments between the three of them are settling...did I say that?!
They do still fight a lot but they seem to be able to resolve their issues without the need for me to get involved, which is good!

In this scene Little T was in the bath playing with one of his brothers Lego boats, enjoying splashing about. 
Big T came in and asked if he could jump in to which Little T said 'yes T bath with me!' So he grabbed his big Lego boat and in he hopped. 
All the squeals of laughter soon attracted the sister who came in and said 'can I come in?' Big T shouted no but Little T said 'YES!' To which Big T then changed his mind telling her to grab her Barbie boat and they could play a game together. 
They played together fantastically for a good 30 mins till I got bored (is that a bad thing?! The sofa was calling me)and asked them to put their boats on the side and hop out. 
I really enjoyed sharing a moment with them when we weren't all shouting at each other!

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The Me and Mine Project

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