Siblings | May 2016

Tuesday, 31 May 2016 / Leave a Comment
May has been a horrid month for us with all the kids one by one struck down with chicken pox.
Chicken Pox Selfie
Before the chickenpox spread all over their faces
We spent every weekend housebound as they was all contagious at some point so cabin fever definitly struck!
Once they was all better and returned to school it was soon half term.
Needless to say we all very much looked forward to our camping holiday we have just returned from.
May was also the month Little T settled into nursery, using his 2 year old Early Years Funding. (You can read my post 'Early Years Education Funding')
T on a quad
Picture I got sent from Ts nursery who uses the Babys Days app to keep you informed of their day.

Camping With Kids

Wednesday, 25 May 2016 / Leave a Comment

If you had said to me many years ago, pre having kids, that I would find camping enjoyable I would have scoffed in your face.
Whats enjoyable about sleeping on the cold hard floor in a paper thin sleeping bag within a cramped tent with the sides flapping, terrified the whole tent may fall down any minute?
And waking up in the morning all damp with frizzy hair!!
My young adult self would have screamed "absolutely no way!"
Well, tents and camping equipment have come along way since then as well as the phenomenon 'Glamping'.

'Booster Seat Ban' | What Do You Need To Know?

Friday, 13 May 2016 / Leave a Comment

'Booster Seat Ban' What Do You Need To Know?

It has been in the media lately about the proposed Booster Seat Ban right now, whilst it is not a ban as such you will need to be aware of the new rules coming in later this year (2016)

Living Wage Increase Has F***ed Me Over

Friday, 6 May 2016 / Leave a Comment

Ok this post is a rant.

It probably will not make sense or contain actual 'facts' and exact mathematics but it's what's on my mind and I want to know who else feels the same?

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