EndWarts Review

Monday, 27 June 2016 / Leave a Comment
EndWarts Review

I recently had the opportunity to try out EndWarts, a new way to treat warts and verrucas with an easy applicator pen.
This makes it ideal for treating children who are the worst patients!

What Is EndWarts?

EndWarts is a topical solution containing Formic Acid for effective self removal of warts and verrucas.
The solution is absorbed directly into the wart and not the skin.
The pen applicator makes it very easy to apply.
You only need to touch the tip for it to release a small amount of solution, barely visible!, but its enough to do the job.

What is a Wart?

A wart is a growth on the skin caused by the virus HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) they are highly contagious and can be spread from person to person as well as other parts of your body.
The appearance of warts can differ can differ from growing inwards or outwards and are most common on the hands.
Apparently more then 1/3 of children aged 4-12 years old are affected by warts.

So does EndWarts really work?

In clinical studies using Formic Acid 92% of people were wart free within 12 treatments.
We have used 4 treatments so far (applied weekly) and have yet to see an improvement but I know warts can be really stubborn. 
5-15 treatments are recommended. 
I am going to take my son to the GP to confirm these are warts that he has again or something else.

My Opinion

We have yet to see an improvement but we have only used 4 treatments so far and warts can be stubborn. 
The product itself is really easy to use.
It is the size of a marker pen and so you can easily hold it to apply directly where needed.

The tiniest of drops comes out so you are quite unsure whether any has come out or not, but if you dab the nib on a piece of tissue you see a wet spot so you are soon reassured it is working.
It has warnings printed on the side should it be misplaced so shouldn't be mistaken for anything else.

Do not put it close to your nose as I did! I was curious if it had a smell, when I couldn't smell anything I sniffed harder and did get a horrible whiff which burned my nose. So no intense sniffing when using it!

Price wise I have seen it for sale:

By clicking to buy through this Amazon link I will receive 10% commission 

The Amazon price is a good price, I feel £19.99 from Lloyds pharmacy is a little steep for a wart treatment.
You may find it cheaper elsewhere.

If you have a stubborn wart or verruca or your child has then I'd recommend giving EndWarts a try based on ease of use and price.
When I have a result then I will post an update.

Do you or your child suffer with warts?
What treatments have you used in the past?

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