I'm Getting Married!

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I never thought I'd be saying the words, I'm getting married!
Mr DMM and me have been together for almost 13 years.
We met at the rather glamorous McDonald's where I was working as a 20 year old and he was the 22 year old boy racer type who used to come racing through the Drive Thru with his roaring exhaust and thumping bass smiling his cheeky smile.

I'm getting married!

We started 'hanging out' with each other and the relationship progressed from there not really heading in any particular direction and definitely no ringing of wedding bells back then.
We hadn't even discussed the prospect of us getting a house together when I found out I was pregnant with Big T.
A total shock, and one that nearly blew us apart but we realised we needed to grow up and start setting down some foundations for family life so with the help of family we moved into our first house and became a little family of 3!

Life quickly moved on and along came Baby K so we upsized and moved house to the village we now call home.
Many friends and family mentioned marriage many times over them first few years together as other family and friends got married and although it had crossed my mind at certain points in time we just happily carried on in life how we were.

Mr DMM eventually proposed when K was just a few months old.
It wasn't a surprise as his brother had just got engaged (after being with his then girlfriend 5 minutes) and he had been asking me what my ring size was so I think in hindsight he felt like it was time and he didn't want to be seen to be slacking by his family, we had been together 6 years at this point.
We moved house again to give the kids their own bedrooms each and be in a much nicer, mould free house.

Unfortunately life then hit a rocky patch (which is personal to us and I am reluctant to over share) with a long battle against mental health with both of us, job losses and huge financial worries.
We fought our way through which at many dark depressing times I couldn't see how we ever could but the though of the children and providing a life for them is what got me through along with a lot of self preservation and thinking 'F**k this darkness, blow it away!!'
We found stability and along came Little T to seal our little family unit of 5.

The subject of marriage came up again when we was discussing life and I said I felt sad that my Nan, who passed away from Pancreatic Cancer last October wouldn't be here for the day we did get married. My Granddad had also told me some worrying news and Mr DMMs Nana's are no spring chickens either. They have always commented on 'ooh when are you two going to get married'

All this philosophical talk then sealed the deal.
What was it keeping us from setting a date?

Interfering family with opinions on everything?
Money, never having any spare to save?

We then decided these were trivial things and that family would always have an opinion on anything and everything and that if we waited to save we'd never get any closer to setting a date so we just looked at the calendar for next year and picked a date.

16th September 2017.

It does seem surreal that it is even happening!
It is early days to me, although I keep being told by everybody and his dog that things need to be booked and in place now.
I know what I want and the lessons and experiences I have learned in life have made me very modest about them wants.
I don't want to 'waste' money at the wedding and can't see the point in spending loads to look pretty and please others when it isn't want I want.
Yes if I had thousands of pounds of someone else's money to spend then I would be a bit more extravagant but still not to the degree of other people because that isn't me.
I want to show we can have a lovely day for a budget price tag.
I think people are expecting a cheap, poor or even tacky wedding from us which does hurt my feelings but I have to try to ignore those feelings otherwise it would be so easy to call the whole wedding off.

I have found many useful websites about budget weddings which really inspires me.
This Cosmopolitan article about a wedding done for £3140 shows you do not have to spend £5000+ to have a wonderful day.
The Budget Savvy Bride is a website full of tips and real life stories to inspire.
I found this article on Mrs Thrifty and found some useful tips in the readers comments.
A quick google search brings up an abundance of helpful websites.

I understand to keep things cheap it means doing a lot for yourself (Pinterest is amazing for ideas) but it is something I'm prepared to do and hopefully I can share some tips along the way here too.

It could all turn out to be a complete disaster on the day but at least I'll finally be able to call my other half my Husband and share the same surname as my kids and that's all that matters to me!

Have you or someone you know planned a 'budget' wedding?

Recommend any good websites for tips?

Any wedding advice you can offer?

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