Siblings | July 2016

Thursday, 21 July 2016 / Leave a Comment
What a scorcher its been these past few days and we seem to have been blessed with some fairly good weather the past month as my kids seem to have been forever in the pool!

They have all been playing so well together especially the older two with the youngest it makes me wonder if this will continue into the summer holidays?
Wishful thinking.
Little T is constantly trying to keep up with what his big brother and sister are doing its exhausting watching.

He has finished at nursery now and unfortunately didn't go in in his last week as he got really upset walking there screaming that he didn't want to go it seemed pointless as he is off to pre-school in September! He is however looking forward to his first (and last) trip out with the nursery to The Dinosaur Park tomorrow (Fri 22nd July) I'm hoping I remember to take lots of photos as we never seem to get photos from days out.
Anybody been before?

My older two are excited to be finishing school today and moving up a year. The eldest is already looking forward to being able to walk to school on his own :O another sign of growing independence. Its also scary to think that in a few months time we'll be visiting high schools to choose one for him.

My pictures I am sharing today are all from the good old British sun we've been having lately.
Kids in Bestway pool

Happy Summer Siblings

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