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My name is Gemma and I am the owner and author of Driving Mum Mad. 
The concept came from wanting to have a place on the internet ( don't we all! ) where I could vent about things that have happened in my life. 
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I read an abundance of blogs some I can relate too and others I can't though I still enjoy reading them. Many have such gorgeous photos and beautiful articulate writing that it made me decide to have a go. The problem is I can't take a gorgeous photo and I'm not very articulate but I am very real life and I have plenty to say.
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 I am 32 and live in a little village that borders the counties of Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.

I have a part-time evening job which I go to when the other half gets home which saves us on hefty childcare fees but means we don't get to enjoy each others company properly until the weekend.
Fitting in blogging is a challenge but if I'm quiet on the blog front I can be found chatting away on social media.

I have three young children, Big T (Boy) aged 9, K (Girl) aged 6 and Little T (Boy) aged 2.
Poser K

Big T
Big T at Insomnia Gaming Festival

Little T
Little T enjoying the park
All doing what they do best.
It lies!
I am a Gemini (Sign of the twins) and do indeed have multiple personalities! Most of them friendly :)

I enjoy crafting and making things be it school projects or baking (terribly) at home. I dabble in a bit of knitting, still at beginner level, though I hope to have some hats and scarves knitted up before winter hits! (**hmmm bit optimistic***)
Managed a few of these headbands/earwarmers

Minecraft Creeper Hat
Creeper Hat

Cushion Cover
Lovely Cushion Cover
I have also recently taken up sewing since I inherited my Nans's sewing machine. YouTube has taught me lots! I've yet to embark on a project just yet though...watch this space.

Me and the other half love watching films and spend most weekends a movie. I'm a TV buff too and LOVE Game Of Thrones, Walking Dead and *ahem* Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners.

Reading is another hobby of mine and I am occasionally sent books to review (Mainly children's books at the present) along with other products that are a fit for my blog.

As a family we enjoy days out to parks, forests, beaches etc.
Camping is a passion that we started last year so you can expect some camping posts.
Like: Camping With Kids
My family are all technology obsessed whether it be PS4, Ipad or PC so I have to embrace the gaming world or be at war with it!
Like: I am a COD widow

This blog is for me to communicate with other bloggers out there who I have just met in this vast world of the internet, and to share experiences and learn new ones. 

If you are a company and like what you see and would like to work with me then just drop me an email to tig_walker@outlook.com.
Some samples of past work:
RAF Museum In London
Mini Weekend Box Review
Cow&Gate Growing Up Milk Review
Roald Dahl #CraftyTwitsChallenge

I can be found hanging out at the following social media sites if you'd like to contact me through there.

Google +

Happy Blogging

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